How to get your ex to call you- The first step to winning back your ex.

When someone is on the receiving end of a break up they inevitably want to know, "Are there 'magic' words I can use to get my ex to call me?

How to get your ex to call you- What not to say!

Believe it or not there are words that will almost magically make your ex feel like they have to call you back. There are also some things you should not say. The things you shouldn't say tend to fall into two overall categories:

Pleading and Emergency.

The Plead goes like this. "Jim, please, oh please call me. This is the 5th

time I have called. I MUST talk to you now!."

The Emergency sounds something like this. "Beth, this is an emergency. I have to talk to you right away. Please call me as soon as you get this."

Hopefully, you are laughing a little as you read this because you can see how desperate these sound. Maybe you've done this yourself in the past but not this time. At any rate if you can laugh at these you still have your sense of humor. You also realize that this is not the way to get your ex to call you.

How to get your ex to call you- What to say!

If you want to get someone to call you back you need to employ two of the stronger forces of human nature: curiosity and self interest. Think about it. Aren't these the reasons you've even read this far?, your own curiosity and self interest. Can you see how strong these forces are? Together, curiosity and self interest combine to create an almost irresistible force.

So what could you say to get your ex to return your call? How about:

"Hi Ed. It's Beth. I wanted to let

you know I appreciate what you did for

me. Call me because I want to thank you

in person."

This approach uses both curiosity and self interest. How can you ex resist? They probably have no idea what they did for you. What is it you appreciate? The best thing is that this is a positive upbeat message. There is no reason to dread returning the call. It doesn't sound like anything bad is going to happen. It sounds like you are to be congratulated. This is how to get your ex to call you.

Of course you need to be prepared. Your ex will call back so you need to set up in advance what they did that you appreciate. It can be anything small as long as it is plausible. The important part now is that you have a bigger plan for getting your ex back.

Getting your ex to call you back is easy. The hard part is having a complete plan to make up with your ex. If you get them to call back and you don't have a plan you could do more damage than if they hadn't called back. To see a complete plan for making up with your ex after you've gotten them to call you go to Watch the free video to learn the first step in getting back your ex.

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