Why did we break up? What did I do wrong?

There are a variety of tools like dating sites designed to help us all find the perfect mates. Yet, every day more and more people find themselves asking "Why did we break up?, What did I do wrong?" In a day and age when it seems so hard to make a connection it is sad that no one is helping those who have made a connection only to later find themselves asking "Why did we break up?"

Frequently, these relationships could be saved if the individuals knew how to navigate through some difficult times that face every relationship. So here are some things to consider if you find yourself asking "Why did we break up?" and you think you want to get back together.

Why do you want to get back together? Do you really miss this person or just the idea of them? So many times people think they want to get back together but all they really want to do is "win" the exchange. They just don't like the idea of losing. Make certain you really want to get back together or you'll find yourself saying, "Why did we break up?" all over again.

If you've decided that you still do want to be with this person then take action. Take action. Two simple words, but so difficult to execute. Often in a break up situation it is so hard to take action. You may feel that you were wronged. You may feel insulted. Your self esteem may have been damaged. You may be afraid of further rejection. None of that matters. If you don't take action nothing will happen. You can sit around and keep asking yourself, "Why did we break up?" That won't change anything.

For some people the action may be writing down your feelings and sharing them in written form. Others like to talk. You may ask to meet on a casual basis in a public place to talk. No matter what, the key is to take action. If you want to get back together try and change the situation. Often just asking each other, "Why did we break up?" is a great starter if you can talk about it honestly and maturely.

If you've had a connection with this person you know how they will respond to different ideas. The odds are that your ex is also sitting around wondering Why did we break up? It is amazing how many times both people are thinking this but both people believe they are the only ones who care about the relationship they had. Find a way to communicate your feelings.

Relationships are worth saving. The right relationship can be so hard to find so don't just let it slip away. Watch a free video at

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